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Renovate and Remodel Your Living  Space Diligently

Citizens Group FL offers end-to-end residential and commercial Renovation and Remodeling services throughout South Florida. You can expect swift service, modern designs, aesthetics, increased property value, and functionality with us.

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Is Your Place a Canvas Waiting to Come Alive?

  • Is your living or working space missing the mark?
  • Do outdated designs leave you uninspired?
  • Is your property not reflecting its true potential?
  • Worried that your home or office isn’t living up to its value?

Citizens Group FL understands the frustrations of these dilemmas. Your living space should be an extension of your personality and a valuable asset. Let us address these concerns and transform your space into a haven of comfort and style.

Citizens Group FL empathizes with the challenges you face

Trust us because we are dedicated to bringing your vision to life with expertise

You can rely on us for a seamless and transformative experience

Your Living Space is a Canvas; Renovate It To Paint Your Perfect Life

Craving a living or working space that resonates with your essence? A living space that’s aesthetically appealing and provides personalized space and enhanced functionality.

Outdated designs and uninspiring layouts can impact your overall satisfaction and well-being. This limits your enjoyment space and leaves you with a lackluster environment. Citizens Group FL understands your desire for a living or working space that meets your practical needs and reflects your unique style and preferences.

Whether you dream of a modernized home, a more efficient workspace, or an aesthetically pleasing environment, Citizens Group FL has the expertise to bring your desires to life.

Also, renovating or remodeling your property can make it more appealing to the market, increasing your overall property value. This means you invest not only in your comfort but also in your property’s overall value.

Solution & Services

Renovate & Remodel Your Living Experience

Citizens Group FL offers various renovation and remodeling services to achieve a full transformation. We are proud of our craftsmanship, reliability, and integrity as a premier one-stop solution. Our services include :


  • Kitchen Makeovers 
  •  Bathroom Makeovers 
  • Custom Cabinets & Countertops 
  • Stylish Flooring 
  • Lighting
  • Hardscaping
  • Painting, Plumbing, and More


  • Commercial Bathroom Remodeling
  • Office Remodeling
  • Hardscaping
  • Commercial Interior Design
  • Office Spaces
  • Commercial Architect
  • Commercial Space Planning


What Clients Say About Citizens Group FL

Impact windows and doors through Citizens was smooth and followed with complete communication. We interviewed several companies and we’re glad we made the right choice.


Commercial Plaza Owner

Being an association president, it is hard to find the right people to manage the community under the board. Citizens Group is a competent and driven company that makes sure everything is right and in order.

Wyatt A.

Property Manager

I can’t say enough about Citizens Group FL. The Home warranty program they offer has saved our family from unpredicted home issues. Citizens Group FL is exactly what our home has been lacking.

Cate X.

Home Owner

I couldn’t have asked for more than this. Citizens Group FL was the best company I have dealt with in regards to construction. Technicians were professional and prompt!

Callida S.

Home Owner

Why Choose Citizens Group FL

From Design to Final Touches – Citizens Group is your One-stop solution

  • Highly skilled craftsmen delivering artful results in custom designs
  • Precise, end-to-end services 
  • Transparent and Competitive pricing
  • Premium materials ensure quality and beauty
  • Collaborative and effective communication
  • Efficient services – evacuating your home isn’t always necessary
  • Deep understanding of regional regulations and environmental factors
  • On-time, hassle-free service – we understand the frustration of delays & complications

Your Vision Guides Our Work

Our 3-Step Process for Remodeling & Renovation 

1. Consultation and Design

Collaborate on your vision, goals, and design preferences. Receive personalized design plans and project proposals.

2. Material Selection

Work with our team to choose quality materials and finishes. Benefit from expert guidance on aesthetic and budget considerations.

3. Renovation and Remodeling

Begin the renovation process with skilled craftsmanship. Regular updates on progress and quality assurance.