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We’ve got a solution for you! Citizens Group FL provides impact windows and doors for high resistance against South Florida’s fury weather.

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Solving Your Worries With Impact Windows & Doors

Our impact windows and doors offer more than just protection; they bring peace of mind, comfort, and enhanced living. When hurricanes threaten, our products stand as a fortress, shielding your home from high winds and flying debris.

Our impact windows and doors make your home efficient. Insulated glass cuts energy costs, ensuring a cozy space. Also, the impact-resistant design blocks outside noise for serene living.

Investing in our impact windows and doors doesn’t just ensure safety; it adds allure and value to your property. The stylish design enhances your home’s attractiveness, making it marketable in real estate. With our products, you’re not just buying protection but investing in comfort, aesthetics, and increased property value.

What We Do

Window and Door Variety for Impactful Living

Types of Impact Windows

Single Hung

Single-hung windows are classic, with a fixed sash. Made with strong aluminum frames, stainless steel fasteners, and multiple weather strips.

Horizontal Roller

Horizontal windows have two or three panels, double weather-stripping, and a flush design. The panels are next to each other, slightly overlapping.

Fixed Picture

Fixed windows offer ample light and wide views. They don't open but have a large frame, giving a modern touch when paired with operational windows.


Casement windows open with a handle on the side, providing strong security with a multi-point lock. An optional washable hinge makes cleaning easy.


Architectural windows are fixed, non-operational windows that provide maximum amounts of sunlight. They can be standalone or paired with Awning or Casement windows for a matching look.


Awning windows open at the top with a handle. Hurricane awning windows are super secure with a multi-point lock. With screens inside protecting against outdoor elements.

Types of Impact Doors


Impact French or swing doors feature a multi-point locking system for superior water and air resistance. The concealed locking system enhances strength and security against outdoor elements and potential intruders.


Sliding impact doors operate horizontally along a track and come in various panel configurations, ranging from 2 to 8. Ideal for patio entrances, they offer wide views of your property.


Impact garage doors have various designs and finishes to enhance curb appeal and provide optimal security and functionality. Homeowners Associations approve all our impact garage door choices.


Pivot doors differ from regular hinged doors as their hinges are placed on the top and bottom, enabling rotation on a vertical axis and resulting in a distinct visual movement.


Durable commercial impact doors are made with strong materials to withstand significant force, ensuring long-lasting resistance. These doors can be customized to fit your needs and come in various designs and finishes.

Enjoy a Secure, noise-free indoor environment with Citizens Group FL Impact Windows and Doors.

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