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Are Property Causing Management Challenges You Stress?

  • Worried about property damage and late payments from unvetted tenants?
  • Struggling with a lack of time and expertise to manage your property?
  • Difficulty in finding reliable and professional contractors and vendors?
  • Uncertainty about market trends, demand, and competition? 
  • Experience stress navigating legal complexities and potential evictions?
  • Unsure about setting optimal rental prices?
  • Find maintaining financial records taxing and stressful?
Citizens Group FL doesn’t just understand your property management challenges; we’re here to solve them efficiently for you.

Solution & Services

Maximize Your Property's Potential With Top - Notch Management Expertise

Strategic Planning

Partnering with You to Achieve Your Goals We understand that your property is more than just an asset. That’s why we create plans aligning with your business goals, analyze markets, assess competition, and track industry trends collaboratively.

Financial Management

Providing Expertise and Transparency Managing your property's finances can be challenging. Citizens Group FL provides detailed financial management services, including budgeting, forecasting, risk assessment, and cost control.

Property Marketing

Showcasing Your Property to the World You have a great property, and we want to help you show it off. Our marketing experts move fast to showcase your rental using powerful promotional tools. Citizens Group FL will help you get your property noticed.

Rent Collection

Ensuring Prompt and Hassle-Free Payments Collecting rent from your tenants can be stressful. Our accounting team ensures prompt rent payments. We handle invoices, process payments, and efficiently deliver your earnings.

Tenants Screening

Finding the Best Tenants for Your Property Finding the right tenants is important. We pick the best tenants for you through rigorous screening, background checks, and financial vetting to guarantee your investment is protected.

Property Inspection

Keeping Your Property in Top Condition Your property's condition affects its value, appeal, and safety. That’s why we keep a close eye on your property. Regular inspections catch issues early, and our team handles all maintenance requests and repairs.

Lease & Property Management

Handling Everything with Ease Leasing and managing a property is a demanding task. We handle lease negotiations, property maintenance, and tenant relations seamlessly.

Contract Management

Mitigating Risks and Protecting Your Interests Contracts are essential for your property's legal and financial security. We offer comprehensive contract management services to mitigate risks effectively.

Vendor and Supplier Management

Enhancing Efficiency and Reducing Costs Have you ever experienced the struggle of working with vendors and suppliers? Enhance efficiency and reduce costs with our effective vendor and supplier management.

No asset, client, or tenant is the same as another; that’s why we adapt our property management solutions to match your individual needs.

Meet with one of our licensed experts in real estate, construction, property management, or background checks.

Property Types We Manage

Citizens Group FL helps you achieve property success through expert management.


Citizens Group FL provides effortless and complete residential property management services, from tenant screening and placement to rent collection and conflict resolution.


Citizens Group FL offers customized solutions for your commercial properties, covering financial, legal, and operational aspects.


Citizens Group FL makes Condo/HOA management easy with expert budgeting, maintenance, and community engagement all in one place.


Elevate your Airbnb hosting with us. We optimize, capture attention, and ensure seamless management.

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