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Real Estate services

Experienced real estate agents with the right connections and intimate knowledge of the market and off-market opportunities in locating a lucrative investment property. Helps you with renting, buying, selling, and investments.

Construction, Renovation, and Home improvement services

Reliable and skilled contractors for construction, remodeling, renovation, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, impact windows, doors, attic insulation, and roofing services.

Property management services

Struggling to find reliable property managers who can manage residential, commercial, Condo, and Air BNB properties and deliver simple and satisfying experiences for all residents and investors.

Inspection and Recertification

Navigate property standards seamlessly with our meticulous inspection and 40+ years of recertification services, eliminating compliance concerns.

Fingerprinting services

Enhance property security with advanced fingerprinting services at the state, federal, and ACHA levels, addressing security concerns comprehensively.

Background check services

Prioritize safety with thorough background checks on individuals associated with your property, including criminal history checks, identity verification, and civil records checks.

Notary agency

Ensure seamless, legally sound transactions with our reliable notary services, eliminating potential legal hassles in real estate dealings. Includes proper paperwork, regulations check, and proof-checking.

Tackle your project or service needs efficiently

Meet with one of our licensed experts in real estate, construction, property management, or background checks.

100% Financing options with $0 down payment

Zero hurdles, 100% peace of mind – Citizens Group FL offers PACE financing with a $0 down payment!

Pace - Powered Projects

How Pace financing works

Unlike regular home improvement financing, PACE ties project costs to a property assessment, acting like a property tax lien. a Which frees up capital, offers lower interest rates, and allows for longer repayment periods. Homeowners can benefit from a larger project budget without the burden of additional upfront costs.

With PACE you won’t need to pay a big upfront cost & enjoy competitive interest rates spread over time. 

And if you sell your property, PACE allows you to transfer the repayment responsibility to the new owner.

For detailed information click on the link.


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