Tips That Help In Preventing Septic Tank Problems

Tips That Help In Preventing Septic Tank Problems

Tips that help in preventing septic tank problems

We are sure the last thing that you want is some major issue with the septic tank. But then what measures can you take to avoid this problem from arising. Take a look at some easy tips that can surely help in avoiding septic tank problems in the near future.

Important methods to follow to avoid septic tank issues:

Say no to antibacterial soaps:

Do you know that there is this bacteria in the septic tank that does the function of breaking down the organic waste in the septic tank? If you kill this bacteria then the septic tank becomes a place that holds a large amount of organic waste and this can spell trouble for the septic tank. Now if you do not want to kill the septic tank bacteria then avoid using a soap that has anti-bacterial additives as these additives kill the bacteria. All that you must do is wash hands with a normal soap that does not contain anti-bacterial additives and then wash the hands with hot water.

Stop using septic tank chemicals:

Do you use septic tank chemicals as you feel that these chemicals clean the septic tank? We would like to point out here that most of the time these chemicals don’t work. Secondly, these chemicals also end up killing the septic tank bacteria.

Greywater surges need to be avoided:

In the septic system, the bath and shower water is called greywater and it generally has less bacterial and solid content. A large number of greywater results in the premature displacement of wastewater which is being processed by the bacteria. This may cause the drain field to get water that is high in solid content and this, in turn, can block the soil pores. Due to this blockage, the water is not able to pass back to the ground table. You can avoid the greywater surge by taking a shower as it uses less water than a bath and hence the sudden rise in the amount of greywater can be avoided.

Regular pumping of septic tank is a must:

If you do not do the pumping of the septic tank regularly then you decrease the efficiency of the septic tank in the processing of the organic matter. A thick solid layer forms at the bottom of the septic tank and this, in turn, reduces the efficiency of the septic tank bacteria.

Avoiding garbage disposal usage:

Garbage disposal in the septic tank adds to the organic content of the tank but this waste is devoid of bacteria. This puts an additional load on the bacteria from the human waste which is already there in the tank and as a result clogging issues may arise.

Creations of the aerobic environment in the septic tank:

The creation of an aerobic environment in the septic tank can help in the reclamation of failed drain fields. But this has to be done properly else it can lead to clogging of the drain field.


Follow the above six tips diligently if you want to avoid an issue like clogging of the septic tanks.