Silicone Roofting

Perfect Solution

Our commercial and residential silicone flat roofing system is the perfect solution for roofs that want to be extended beyond their original life expectancy. When 100% Silicone is added to the roofing membrane, It essentially adds protection to the current roofing system and helps create a new roof, but at the same time is considered maintenance and not a second roof. With a silicone coating system, you get a seamless membrane that protects against rain and ponding water. As well as protecting the roof from debris and reflecting up to 90% of UV rays from the sun, keeping your property up to 40% cooler throughout the hot summers.

Why Silicone?

As a result of long exposure to the elements a building’s roof goes through extensive wear and tear. This is caused by extreme weather conditions, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays and expansion and contraction under fluctuating temperatures. Also, silicone does not require any heat based installation methods, so it is much safer and quicker to install. The application of silicone is not only meant for bitumen systems, but also metal, TPO and PVC.

Instead of completely replacing a still largely functional roof which could be a huge expense, a more cost-effective option would be to apply silicone roof coatings. These are applied to the roof’s surface in two or three coats and help plug any cracks or damage, and in turn add many years to the life of the roof. Also, before the silicone is administered, we will cut and replace any bubbling or severely damaged bitumen membrane areas and replace them with modified bitumen. We only use Silicone for roof coating applications versus traditional elastomeric due to the fact that elastomeric has a specific resin which, within 3-5 years, will dry up and cause premature cracking. This will require reapplication of the elastomeric to ensure the system is sealed tight.

Life-time warranty on the reapplication of silicone

Citizens Group FL stands behind their work and ensures that we will be there every step of the way in our relationship with our clients. After any silicone application is administered, it will be followed by a lifetime warranty on the reapplication. What does that mean exactly? It means that every 5 years we will personally send one of our Citizens Group FL inspectors to inspect the roof and make a report on its current conditions. Any areas that show wear and tear or cracking will be documented and later addressed by one of our Citizens Group FL technicians. This gives our clients peace of mind knowing that we are on top of the situation.