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Sign up & Provide extra services to your clients! provide your personal and realtor information, which would include your active real estate license number, brokerage office information, etc.


We require all licensees to have an active license and be part of an official Realtor’s Association (NAR).


A unique profile will be created on our online platform. Clients that have subscribed through your unique link will be found on your profile page.

How It Works

Join the thousands of realtors who add one more tool to their toolbox.

Citizens Group FL gives Real Estate professionals across South Florida the opportunity to increase the services they provide, allowing them to offer a “full service” to their clients and potential customers.


  • Submit both Personal and Realtor Information.
  • Validate your email and informartion.
  • Log in to your Dashboard.


  • Complete your Profile’s Information.
  • Upload necessary documents for identification.
  • Obtain Referral URL.

Sharing your Unique Link:

  • Share Realtor Referral URL with your customer to allow registration.
  • Customers may also be added to Realtor Dashboard manually.
  • Realtors can track subscription of Client’s Packages.

Performance Information:

  • Keep Track Of Your Clients.
  • Offer More Services To Consumers.
  • Enjoy Networking Events.