Do Home Warranties Cover Plumbing Systems And Leaks?

Do Home Warranties Cover Plumbing Systems And Leaks?

Do home warranties cover plumbing systems and leaks?

Most of us feel that home warranties are only for appliances and aspects like a plumbing system and leakages are not covered in these warranties. But some warranties do cover systems like plumbing that are crucial for a house.

Understand the basics of a home warranty:

Home warranties are not an insurance policy but they are very vital as they cover things that are used in the home. If an appliance like the fridge breaks down then this warranty can be useful. They cover different types of appliances like your washing machine and oven. If you choose the right home warranty then it also covers plumbing systems and leakage issues.

Check the basics of the plumbing system of your home:

The plumbing system consists of the water supply line and the drainage line. The water supply line is pressurized using air pockets whereas the drainage line is not pressurized and it depends on gravity and proper angles to send the waste to the main sewer line. The drainage pipes are thicker than the water supply pipes and they are made from durable plastic.

The problem in the plumbing system can be because the system is old and subject to wear and tear or it could be due to the poor quality of the materials used to make the system or it can also be due to poor workmanship. Issues that can arise in the plumbing system like pressure build-up in the water supply lines can cause the bursting of the pipes.

Now if such issues were to arise you can imagine the money that you need to shell out to get the same repaired. Therefore if you can opt for a warranty that covers these essential aspects of your home then you can surely get some peace of mind and you shall also save money.

Home warranties for plumbing systems:

A home warranty that provides a plumbing warranty can be a great thing for the homeowner. The homeowner does not have to worry about pipe bursts and leakages and other plumbing issues that are covered under the plumbing warranty. But one must choose the right home warranty to get the best benefits when it comes to plumbing issues.

Keep these important aspects in mind when you choose a home warranty:

Check with the contractor or the company about what all aspects are covered in the plumbing warranty or the home warranty as a whole. Make sure that you get the details in writing from the company or the contractor to avoid any issues in the future.

Compare different home warranties and check the pros and cons of the different home warranties and only then take the final call.

It is of utmost importance that you check the fine print in detail and if you find any discrepancies or you have any queries then check with the company or the contractor immediately.


Yes, there are home warranties that cover the plumbing systems. It is just that you need to ensure that you choose the right home warranty that gives you the maximum benefits.